My KFC Volkswagen Beetle Collection

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Just completed my KFC Volkswagen Beetle collection. Very nice model with die-cast metal material. Love it!

Malaya's "Banana Money" (Duit Pisang)

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Got it from my friend. Thank you!

The 10-dollar note issued during Japanese occupation, 1942 - 1945.The whole of the Malay Peninsula was occupied by the Japanese following the fall of Singapore on February 15, 1942.

Malaysian Currency Collection

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This is my old Ringgit Malaysia currency collection. Still searching for old 70's 1 Ringgit & previous RM10. Anybody have it? Feel free to give me... ;)


Pernah lihat?

My New Key Chain!

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I got this Liverpool key chain from my friend. She knows that Liverpool is my favorite team. This will add my key chain collection! Thank you!

Ferrari Models Returned With Touch Steering

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This is a third time Shell promoting this Ferrari car models. As usual, i try so many hard to empty my fuel tank for this models. Customers that refilled above RM40.00 will get the models at RM6.90 for V-Power fuel and RM8.90 for Super or Diesel.

The models are 430 Scuderia, 599 GTB Fiorano, FXX Evoluzione, 612 Scaglietti, and 360 GTC are available for you to collect. Limited Edition 2008 F1 Ferrari model and Ferrari ENZO model with Dual Speed pullback only after 17th March.

The good news is the garage are quite big & nice from the last promotion. You can get it with the same price of
RM60.00. This promotion are available from 3rd March to 11 May 2009. For the Ferrari collectors, good luck to you all!

Anyone Can Help Me Find This Car Models?

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I want to find this car model to complete my collection. Please inform me if you have any information about it. Thank you.

1998 Sauber-Petronas F1

'Taxi' Peugeot 406

'Fast & Furious' Toyota Supra

'Herbie' Volkswagen Beattle

'Batman Forever' Bat Mobile

'Ghosbuster' Mobile

Knight Rider


My Sketch Book & Drawing

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This is my sketch book. I also like drawing a portrait just using a pencil. I will show you my drawing collection later.

My sketch book

Penelope Cruz

My wife

Another blog about sketching :